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[S1] SOURCE #1

[S2] Family Group Sheet

[S3] Headstone at Blanscet Cemetery
Tom Ten
1848-1937 1852-1932
Headstone was made by their grandson Eddie Lee Blanscet son of JeffBlanscet

[S4] Historical and Genealogicial Records
from the book titled:
Historical and Genealogicial Records
Scott County, Arkansas

[S5] SOURCE #5

[S6] SOURCE #6

[S7] SOURCE #7

[S8] Picture

[S9] Eldon Edgin

[S10] family stories

[S11] SOURCE #11

[S12] SOURCE #12

[S13] Obituary
An official copy of the obituary in the newspaper

[S14] Newspaper

[S15] Blanscet Cemetery Book
Name on head stone

[S16] story told by family

[S17] Patricia (Blanscet) Dill

[S18] Ozark Court House Records,

[S19] Spectator Newspaper
Ozark, Franklin County, Arkansas

[S20] Roberta E. Horton

[S21] SOURCE #21

[S22] SOURCE #22

[S23] Gene Blanscet
Gene Blanscet

[S24] Tulsa Newspaper
1 Jan 1957

[S25] Cemetery Records
Cemetery Records

[S26] Special Memories
Special Memories

[S27] Marriage License
Marriage License

[S28] Census Record
Census Record

[S29] Marie Blanscet
Marie Blanscet

[S30] Greenwood Court Record
Greenwood Court Record

[S31] Booneville Court Records
Booneville Court Records

[S32] Family Information
Family Information

[S33] Southwest Times Record
Southwest Times Record

[S34] Church Records
Church Records

[S35] Book Information
Book information

[S36] Marie (Hardwick) Blanscet
Marie (Hardwick) Blanscet

[S37] Eldon Elgin
Eldon Elgin

[S38] Dortha (McCoy) Williams
family group sheet

family group sheet

[S39] Death Certificate
Death Certificate

[S40] Funeral Home Record
Funeral Home Record

[S41] One Man
One Man

[S42] One Man's Family Blanscet Book
One Man's Family, Blanscet Book

[S43] Life Story
Life Story

[S44] Wallace B. Sublett
Wallace B. Sublett

[S45] Arkansas Death Record
Arkansas Death Record

[S46] Social Security Death Index
Social Security Death Index

[S47] Email Information
Email Information

[S48] Pioneers of Chickasaw Nation
Pioneers of Chickasaw Nation Indian Territory

[S49] Logan County Court House Records
Logan County Court House Records

[S50] History of Franklin County
History of Franklin County

[S51] Family Group Sheet
Family Group Sheet

[S52] Virginia Lee (Robertson) Cox
Virginia Lee (Robertson) Cox

[S53] Birth Certificate
Birth Certificate

[S54] Lillie (Anderson) Gipson
Lillie (Anderson) Gipson

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