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: The following document: "The BLANCETT Genealogy in the USA, by W.C. BLANCETT" is full of inaccuracies that must be closely researched to be corrected.  It is included on the website as an item of interest.  - Norman


BLANCETT Genealogy in the USA


Statement in story: " Peter BLANCETT came from Ireland sometime before the year of 1812 for he was in the War of 1812 ". This statement is not substantiated, I have not yet been able to find Peter BLANCETT on any War of 1812 roster, nor has it been substantiated that we came frome Ireland.

Statement in story: " Next was Harden He married Polley NORMAN a sister to John's wife " Children; Piltas , Howel, Bill, Filey,Tomp, Arch etc.

Joel BLANCETT b ca 1802 married ca 1822 Mary Polly WADDELL b ca 1804 they were the parents of ; Mary b 1823, Elizabeth b 1828, Philomena [ Filey ] b 1833, Martha b 1833, Lucinda b 1835, Lulia b 1837, Thompson [ Tomp ] b 1841, William [ Bill ] b 1843, Verey b 1844, Joel Jr. b 1846, Harriett b 1846, Howell [ Howel ] b 1847. The above children are great Grandaunts and ggranduncles to Norman Thomas Blansett ggreat grandson of Thompson BLANCETT.

Statement in story: "Martha BLANCETT m Harden PAINTER under the old law. Harden PAINTER stole Jem and Joe from Martha when they were big boys and took them to Watter Valley, Ar.  Tom BLANCETT accidentally found the boys in Ar and rode back to Al to get Martha and brought her to the boys.  Family legend is that Martha, Philomena and another sister, together with their respective famlies, moved from Al to Watter Valley, Randolph, Ar after the civil war and Tom [ Thompson ] BLANCETT came along shortly there after. [ they were all in the 1870 census in that area ].

Next was Harden he married Polly NORMAN a sister to Johns wife and from them was born 4 boys and a number of girls. I don't no just how many but will tell what I no. The first boys name was Piltas he disepeared in the Army next was Harwel [ Howel ? ] he lived and died at Jasper Tenn next was Tomp called Tom he lived and died at Wattervalley Ark. Next was Bill died at Jasper Tennessee. Now one of his girls married Daved HAYSE her name was Filey One married Elexander JUNTRY [JENTRY ? ] . One married a man by the name of CRAYSE one married a man by the name of Harden PANTER she married under the old law had 2 children Jem and Joe. Panter left her she had to go back home and the boys being raised by their mother and grandmother taken the name of BLANCETT till this day. But this Hard PANTER married another woman and after these boys was grate big boys he ran away from Ala steeling these boys and came to Watter Valley in 14 miles of Pocahontas Ark. and they was not heard from for a number of years till this Tomp came to Ark. a horseback and axedently found these boys. Staid with them 15 days and went back to Ala on the same horse and brought their mother here to Ark and she lived and died at their house. never married any mor after Panter left her but her two boys was always the hite of her ambition and she died at one of their houses being very old.

Now the next of the boys was Arch he married a COUFFER [ COOPER ? ] and from them 5 children was born as follows Archable Dicklen Jr., after his father Robert and John boys and Margaret and Betsy girls.  Arch Jr married a HAILE Bob married a HATFIELD Betsy married a Sam DUNN ( a good man ) .

Now to Petter BLANCETT girls Patsy married a man by the name of Dannel SHRADER a good man and raise a respectful family. Salley married a man by the name of Henry THOMPSON never had any children ( that is where the Blancetts gets ther toucheness)  Now this young Arch had a boy by name Press and one name Sun. Press was killed as I have done told and Sun lives in Sulphur Springs Ga if he is not dead he is very old.

You see I am 75 years old today and I am writing this just like I new it 50 years ago.

Press was killed as I have done told and Sun lives in Sulphur Springs Ga if he is not dead he is very old.

You see I [ W.C. BLANCETT ] am 75 years old today and I am writing this just like I new it 50 years ago.

But about Uncle Hard you no Ant Polly was a widda and Salley call Hards Sal and the to Panter boys all lived together on Sand Mountain. Uncle Hard after his wife Ant Polly got old he had lots of money and there was a real pretty girl in the settlement her name was Liddie Hampten Uncle Hard was good looking and so he left his home and wife and children and took Lid Hampten and ran away going to Sequachia Valley Bledsow County Tenn and lived and died there raising one boy his Called him Mart and he made the best lawer that was ever known in Chattanooga Tenn.

Well this a statement that is true yet there is a number of the children and grandchildren and graet grandchildren of old Uncle Petter BLANCETT that is not mention because I dont no them but this is the starting of them in the U.S. from 1812 to 1940.

P.S. I am a preacher and I began to preach 55 years ago and I preach the first surmond I ever preached at old Petters Pond Church at Wannville Alabama.

( signed ) W. C. Blancett
Newport, Ark
Rt. 3 Box 15 D

On a page in the back of the composition book is the following note, written in the same handwriting..

Now cosin William this Filia BLANCETT first married a man by the name of HAMMANS under the old law of matrimony and from her and him was born 2 boys Nute and Ben but HAMMANS disepered and Ant File married Dave HAYSE.

Mary BLANCETT Leroys girl did the same thing and Harden Daughter Salley 9 press0 [sic] also married PANTER and he left Her or my Ant Marry never married any more but lived a good life till they died Getting fooled once was enough for them.

The generation preceding William and Elizabeth HAMMAN was lost when our house burned. Daddy had the family Bible brought with them from Germany. All I can remember is the beautiful legible penmanship and they spelled it BLANCET.

This is the story of the early ancestors as told to Mildred who recorded it as told by Daddy a few weeks before his death.

Archibald D. BLANSIT Sr., was born Dec 25 1822 in NC or VA. His parents were both born in Germany; William was born in the vicinity of Berlin and came from a line of horse traders/ The HAMMAN family were Hugenot Protestants and lived in the upper Rhineland Palatinate in what is now part of Germany. Both the BLANSIT and HAMMAN families came to America and some of them came to Alabama afterAlabama became a state in 1819.

Archibald Sr., was about 9 years of age when he and his parents came. They settled along Crow Creek near the Tennessee River in Jackson County between what is now known as Scottsboro and Stevenson. Later they crossed Sand Mountain and bought a farm in Lookout Valley between what is known as Head Springs and Lookout Chapel. They lived in a two story log house and on this place they had a race track as the whole family were lovers of fine horses.

When Archibald Sr. was 24 years old he enlisted in the Mexican War where he served twelve months as a Private Orderly Sergeant. He enlisted at Hwead Springs but was sent to New Orleans with Company B, First Alabama Regiment. At the end of the war he received an honorable discharge and a pension.

In 1861 he entered the Civil War on the side of the Confederacy.   He was 1st Lieutenant on Co., F, Davenport Company, 7th Alabama Regiment, Morgans Brigade, Hortons Div., Wheelers Cavalry. This particular division took part in the Battle of Chicamauga, where they were defeated; They surrendered somewhere in NC in April 1865. J.C. NESBITT [ Lt. Col. from GA ] wrote " Four Years on the Firing Line " and referred to A.D. BLANSIT. Nancy Ellen Cooper his wife was born in KY on June 28 1832; her father was William COOPER, at the present I have no further information on the COOPERS.

When the HAMMAN and BLANSIT families fled Germany on account of religious persecutions they went to Holland before embarking for America. It was in Holland that William BLANSIT and Elizabeth HAMMAN, and asI remer the account given me, they married before coming to America.

End of story as written.

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