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Blanchard Y-Chromosome DNA Project

This is an ongoing project to determine if the various Blanchard/Blancet/Blansett/etc. lines are related across the various surname spellings.  You can read more about this DNA project and view results by clicking HERE.

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DNA Results so far:

March 8, 2005:
Ninth member of Group 6, another descendant of Leroy BLANCETT, is 36/37 match with modal, and 35/37 match with other descendant of Leroy. Tenth member, a descendant of Ephraim BLANCHET b 1812 VA with likely tie back to Peter BLANCHET, is 25/25 match to Group 6 modal haplotype.

January 16, 2005:
Second descendant of Andrew Jackson Blanchet matches 25/25 to confirm that haplotype and establish Group 8. Fourth and fifth members of Group 6 extend to 37 markers. One, the descendant of Joel BLANCETT, is 37/37 match with descendant of Josiah BLANCETT, and establishes current modal haplotype for Group 6. The other. the descendant of Francis Marion BLANSETT, is a 35/37 match to modal.

December 16, 2004:
Second and third members of Group 6 extend to 37 markers to give 36/37 matches. One is a descendant of Josiah BLANCETT b 1801 KY, with likely tie back to Peter Blanchet in Virginia. SNP test of Group 6 member shows P25+, for haplogroup R1b1.

September 17 through October 7,2004:
Testing is extended to 25 markers for six previously reported. Added markers still fail to show mutations that could help guide research on a paper trail back to common ancestor.

September 1, 2004:
Group 6 extends to a sixth and seventh member. The sixth is a descendant of Francis Marion Blansett b abt 1851 AL, and shows an 11/12 match with the others. The seventh is another descendant of William Blanchet/Blancet/Blansit, confirming the 12 marker haplotype for that branch of the family, which has a good paper trail back to William. Results for a descendant of Andrew Jackson Blanchet don't match Group 6 results at 12 markers.

August 23, 2004:
Group 6 is extended to 37 markers for descendant of Leroy BLANCETT.

July 27, 2004:
The Blancett group (Group 6) now includes a Blanchard, another perfect 12/12 match! The new Blanchard match is a descendant of William Newton Blanchard, b 1810/1820 NC. Requests are being submitted for extension to 25 markers, looking for mutations that might show possible pattern of branching of ancestral family.

April 13, 2004:
A fourth perfect 12 marker match is reported for a descendant of Jesse Blancett b abt 1804 VA or AL. Still no paper trail links the four whose results match now in Group 6.

February 16, 2004:
A third perfect 12-marker match is reported between the descendants of Joel BLANCETT Sr. and Leroy BLANCETT and a descendant of William Blanchet/Blancet/Blansit and Elizabeth Hammans/Hammon/Hammond who were in DeKalb Co., AL after 1840. Still there is no paper trail showing how the three came from a common ancestor.

December 21, 2003:
Group 6 extends to 25 markers for descendant of Leroy BLANCETT.

October 16, 2003:
A second set of DNA results shows a perfect 12 marker match between a gggrandson of Joel BLANCETT Sr. b 1802 KY and the gggrandson of Leroy BLANCETT b 1804 KY, even though a genealogical paper trail hasn't been constructed to show how the two ancestors were related. A new Group 6, called the Blancett group, is set apart within the Blanchard Family DNA Project to reflect the new haplotype seen in this match.

April 22, 2003:
First DNA results are reported for a member of this family group, a gggrandson of Leroy Blancett b 1804 KY. Results on 12 markers don't match results for any previously reported Blanchards.


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